Trail Description Rocky forest road loop trail with a few small 'play' areas that are a little more challenging than the main road. For more of a challenge try it after a good rain or some snow.
Status: This is the bone thrown to the local 4 wheelers by the Forest Service after the recent Travel Management Plan in the Cibola National Forest closed most of the other trails. There are a few more areas open to the motorcycle/ATV crowd. The local environmental groups hotly contested this one (along with every other trail) - so its days may be numbered as well.
Directions: From I-40 @ Tijeras, take NM 14 south to Chamisoso Canyon Rd, turn left and follow road for 0.7 miles, trailhead is on right near road closed signs.


GPS Coordinates: Trailhead: N35 3.81' W106 22.92'

Playhill: between N35 3.83' W106 22.24' and N35 3.81' W106 22.10'

Staircase: N35 2.91' W106 21.44'

Maps Of Trail Areas: Click For Cibola National Forest Officially Approved Route Map (Acrobat Pdf file)

(Note that the only "4x4 Approved" route is highlighted in blue. All other routes are off limits to full sized 4x4's.)

TERRAIN AND OBSTACLE DESCRIPTIONS: Elevation makes this one a possible workout in winter or rainy season, but normally the trail is fairly easy, though rocky. High clearance and good tires are a plus, especially if you want to try the "play areas" alongside the trail.
There is a steep (some vehicles may require a winch to get back up) hill trail down into the canyon to the south of the main road approx 1 mile from the trailhead. There is a "staircase" area to play on about 2 miles from the trail end.
Specific Points
Of Interest:
Heading north and crossing I-40 will take you to these destinations:

  • The Turquoise Trail Scenic Byway (Click for link) is the name given to NM Highway 14 between Santa Fe and Tijeras, and the many attractions along its length. Some of the more notable spots are listed below, by don't limit yourself to these.

  • Sandia Crest and Scenic Byway (Click for link)offers spectacular scenery including a bird's eye view of Albuquerque from over 10,000 ft. There are hiking trails along the crest, including one that will carry you to the High Finance restaurant on the peak.

  • Sandia Cave (Click for link)is a little hard to find, but interesting none-the-less. This home for prehistoric man is open to the public, so bring old clothes and a flashlight!

  • Tinkertown Museum (Click for link) is nestled a short distance off of Hwy 14 on the road to the Sandia Crest, and your kids will never forgive you for missing it. Featuring an animated 'town' of wooden carvings that the artist spent 40 years creating, this is one of those roadside attractions that are a 'must see'.




Pickups on Cedro Peak Trail

Climbing The Cedro Steps

Cedro Peak In The Snow

More Cedro Steps

Some FJ Landcruisers Play On Cedro

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